Friday, October 21, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Hiatus

 Today is History Day.

Until the shower pan comes in, there's not much we can do.  Our contractor is going to come back a few times to finish the mudding and sanding on the bedroom drywall and fix up a few other spots so we can repaint the whole thing next week.  There won't be anything else happening for awhile after that.
In the meantime, I want to share this fun piece of history I found.  When we moved into the house, I went down to the library to do some research on when exactly our house had been built and if I could learn anything about its history.  I wrote a post about what I learned (Edward and Viola).

When our contractor pulled off the trim in the bedroom, I noticed that it had some writing on the back.  In case you can't tell (the photos aren't that great), the top one says "E. Kreutz" and the middle says "326 21st St."

If you reference that old post, you'll note that according to city records the owner of my house in 1924 was Edward J. Kreutz.  Confirmation! The address on these boards, however, is that of the house to the south, originally owned by William Schroer, who we surmised owned both lots and sold the second to Edward after building a house on it.  What does it mean, then, that Edward's name and William's address are on the boards?  Was Edward helping William with the construction?  Was this before the two lots had been officially separated into two addresses?  I'm not sure, but it is fun to conjecture.


ultimatesamwood said...

"The address on these boards, however, is that of the house to the south..."

I believe that address, however is that of the house to the north. EVERYBODY CARES!

Laura said...

Well, you're correct and we're both wrong at the same time.

The house to the south (334) is the house that was here first and therefore thought to be owned by the person who initially owned our lot as well. I didn't even think about confirming the number; I just assumed it was that house.

The house to the north is actually 324. There is no 326. So why are these boards labeled 326? Even more to wonder at!