Thursday, January 21, 2010

a list of new things

Well, it's about time things started happening in the new year.

1. I went cross-country skiing. It was awesome.

2. I got a translation job! I will be translating Japanese patents into English. Not thrilling subject matter, but I will be using my education and working from home. Bonus!

3. I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend. I plan on winning lots of money so I can ditch above job and travel the world. Yep.

4. I got an aloe plant. This is not that exciting, but it is new.

And that's about it.


Tom said...

Those are all great things! Job! Money! Aloe! Seriously, aloe plants are the bomb.

Deb said...

Job=money=beer=nice beer in nice setting=authentic German beer in Germany!