Sunday, April 4, 2010

new season, new home

I might have hinted at it previously, but Sam and I moved. We didn't go very far, just a few blocks south west of our former location. We went from:

an apartment to a single-family house
the second floor to the first floor
heat controlled by the landlord to heat controlled/paid for by us
decent storage to basement/attic/porch tons of storage
carpet to wooden floors
very short shower head to very tall shower head
old wallpaper to new paint
no garden to small garden!

There was only a little problem with the internet and the new stove will take some getting used to, but overall, we are very happy in our new house. This summer will include some beer-making, barbequing, gardening, and lazy days on the porch, I'm sure.

1 comment:

Donny said...

That sounds great. Quite a few improvements. Now can you keep the worms outside?