Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the bodega visits japan

Sam and I have a favorite bar in La Crosse, the Bodega. The bartenders know us, the beer selection is the best in town, and until the recent smoking ban, it was one of the two non-smoking bars in La Crosse. Needless to say, we love the Bodega.

And so just for the fun of it, we took along with us to Japan a sticker or two from the Bodega and took pictures of it with mostly alcohol related things. My two favorite are the above.

The first is the Bodega with Yebisu beer on a table at A Bar, one of my old hangouts from my Kyoto days. It's where I learned to open beer bottles with chopsticks, and came to understand that Yebisu beer was the best Japanese beer (if you know Japanese beer, that's not saying much, but oh well.)

The second is the Bodega sneaking onto a poster for Suntory Whisky. Sam being a fan of whisky, he and I visited the Yamazaki Distillery while in Kyoto. The tour included a walk through the hot mash room, the cool aging caves, and the whisky library. The library not only housed old posters, bottles, and other Suntory historical items, but also hundreds of bottles of whisky from around the world lined up in plain bottles to show off the beautiful and varying colors.

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