Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It was busy at the co-op yesterday afternoon, and someone said the reason was the forthcoming snowstorm. Really? Snowstorm? Because every time I looked at the weather forecast yesterday, it called for a bit of rain and maybe some wintry mix, but nothing exciting. Ultimately, there was no rain, snow, or sleet last night.

At the YMCA this morning, my yoga instructor left us with the parting words, "Drive safe in the snow tonight!" and once again, I am wondering if we're just so tired of fall that we're willing the snow to fall. Any little snippet a weatherman says about precipitation is passed on from one person to the next with a little extra emphasis each time, like the telephone game, and suddenly we've got a snowstorm on our hands.

Perhaps it depends on your source of weather. WeatherSpark says it'll rain tonight and start snowing just a little tomorrow morning. The Weather Channel has bright red warnings and says we're going to get it overnight.

I never know who to trust. I like the old way of doing things; looking out the window works most of the time for me!

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