Monday, August 27, 2012

garden bounty, the second

I received three tomato plants from two people.  Both held their green fruits through the drought, and have recently begun providing ripe tomatoes.

The first two are heirlooms of some sort, and I have let them have their way with my garden.  I did not buy tomato cages, and so they are tied to the fence, heaped over themselves, and generally doing what they please.  I've been getting a few tomatoes a week from these plants.

The third plant is a roma plant, and it is the happiest little roma plant you ever did see.  I picked five tomatoes two days ago, and another four today.  Can we say tomato sauce?

Of all the items in the garden, the mice love the tomatoes the best.  Millie snuffles and digs at the fence trying to get at the little guys, but we won't let her in the garden; too much would be destroyed by her enthusiasm.  We'll just sacrifice a few fruits here and there.

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