Thursday, November 1, 2012

day 1: unexpected visitor mixes things up

Today started off poorly in terms of scheduling and performing my planned workout.

Sam left for the bus, and five minutes later he returned with a yorkie in tow.  He had found it wandering around without a collar along Cass Street, which is too busy of a street for a dog to be wandering around alone on.

The Humane Society does not open until 9am, so I've been babysitting two dogs who can't tell whether they want to play with each other, ignore each other, or something in between.  This makes doing pretty much anything difficult.

Today's workout:
30 sun salutations
(start out slow to stretch, and increase in speed for cardio)

Laura's sun salutation:
Stand in mountain pose (with arms at side)
Raise arms above head
Bend at waist, touch the ground
Look forward, keeping fingers on the ground
Bring right leg back to lunge
Bring left leg back to meet in plank position (push up position)
Lower to ground like doing a push-up
Push up upper body, leaving legs on ground (cobra)
Lower to ground
Push up into downward dog
Bring right leg forward to lunge
Bring left leg forward to meet
Raise upper body and arms all the way up, stretching to the sky
Return to mountain pose

I did about five before I realized it wasn't going to be effective, as the dogs kept running through my legs.  The new plan is to take the stray dog to the Humane Society when it opens, and then continue on with my day, including this workout.

Update: The yorkie has been turned over to the Humane Society with only minimal marking of territory in my house.  I am reminded why I like female dogs.

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